1 October 2020
Tom Stemberg
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Job Creators Alliance reacts to Supreme Court ruling on Affordable Care Act
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“The Supreme Court of the United States has dealt a critical blow to free enterprise. By upholding the mandate as a tax, the Court and this Administration has ensured that taxes will go up for middle class working families and small businesses everywhere. Legal arguments aside, Obamacare is a disaster for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It will result in thousands of lost jobs, increased health care costs and an increased inability for small businesses to provide coverage to employees.

“Today’s decision not only leaves the hurdles to job creation that Obamacare posed untouched, but adds additional uncertainty to the economy which will make it much  more difficult for our economy to grow.

“American Institute for Growth supports consumer-oriented, patient-centered, free market solutions to our nation’s healthcare problems. Whether encouraging competition though the sale of health insurance across state lines, or making health insurance portable, or expanding health savings accounts, there are better ways to increase access and control costs than a top-down, bureaucrat-centered approach based on bigger government.”

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