25 June 2019

Retirement Savings Grow With Advisors' Help

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A survey by Natixis, an international investment management firm, shows retirement plan participants who have financial advisors contribute more to their plans and are more knowledgeable about the plans than those who do not have advisors. However, many of those nearest retirement, baby boomers, are not saving nearly enough to meet their retirement goals, according to the survey of 1,000 American adults, including 899 who are participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans.

The survey found that 90 percent of respondents eligible to participate in a 401(k) plan are making contributions. Participants say tax incentives, matching contributions by employers and automatic enrollment are factors in their participation.

Investors with advisors contribute a higher percentage of their salaries (9.5 percent) than those without advisors (7.8 percent). A higher rate of participants with advisors (74 percent) also say they know what their savings balance should when they retire, than those without an advisor (54 percent).

However, investors knowing their goal does not necessarily mean they are on their way to meeting it, the survey shows. Thirty-three percent of boomers have put aside less than $50,000 and boomers on average have saved $262,541, only about one third of the $805,000 they predict they will need at retirement.

Not having a financial advisor also contributes to participants’ confusion about the plans, the survey says. Forty-nine percent of those without an advisor say their employer’s information on its retirement plan is difficult to understand, while 37 percent of those participants with an advisor agree with that sentiment.

A majority of participants with advisors (71 percent) have talked to their advisor about their retirement needs.

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