17 July 2019

‘These 7 Megatrends Will Redefine the Future of 401k Plans’

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Christopher Carosa, Fiduciary News:

“Our previous article featured industry veterans discussing a litany of 401k problems and their suggested solutions. It turns out, problem solving is relatively easy compared to thinking outside the box. Said another way, staying inside the box is a lot easier than venturing outside the container’s boundaries. Alas, such is the demands of creativity. But the fruits of creativity can yield innovations far beyond the limits of our own imaginations. That’s when things take a quantum leap, and we establish a foothold on the next level of what we call our “standard of living.”

In the past, we’ve offered our own versions of some “futuristic” retirement plans – from “401k 2.0” (December 7, 2010) to the “Child IRA” (February 25, 2014). In this piece, we focus on several megatrends that appear likely to forever influence 401k plans as we know them. Some of these megatrends are in the process now of changing the 401k world, while others seems more science fiction at this point. It is possible, however, today’s retirees won’t even recognize the 401k of thirty years from now. Here are the megatrends we’ve identified…”

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