22 August 2019

Austin Capital Rebrands Its Website

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Austin Capital is a diversified financial services firm focused on delivering innovative services, technology, and products to small and medium size companies, institutional investors, financial services firms, and individuals. Since its’ founding in 1993 Austin Capital has grown to specialize in assisting banks, RIAs, mutual fund companies, and other financial institutions deliver its products and services to thousands of companies and investors.  Austin Capital is one of the first institutions to deliver true open architecture platform in the defined contribution space, first to offer ETFs, Separate Account Money Managers, and Cash Balance plans in the marketplace.

Austin Capital has always been known for its technology, product development, and back office operations skills. With the arrival of the new website, Austin Capital will continue to drive its growth through technology and will now also be recognized for its extensive knowledge in its field.  The new website contains what Austin Capital believes will and has already become the future of technology and communication - the ability for its users and members to get great free content that is useful to their business and personal goals while allowing them to collaborate with its content provider. The new website contains its own social site that will enable its users to create an account, collaborate with other users, create communities, participate in forums, connect with institutions, and with peers.

Austin Capital believes that the corporate websites of the future will not be a business card online but instead allow its audience to get useful content and create a platform for bi-directional communication. Further, Austin Capital believes content will be King when it comes to a site’s effectiveness and its Queen will be the ability to collaborate. The future of Austin Capital’s website will include the social collaboration with Austin Capital’s staff members through its social site that is secure and informative.

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